I am surrounded by fog today, literally. It does feel a little strange, while I am so used to being able to watch for many miles out of my living room window, while now I can hardly see the rooftops on the other side of the street.

Today I will go to the Ikea with my mom and brothers. Since we do not have a car anymore we hardly come there, so I have quite a shopping-list of stuff we want and (sometimes) need.

We need some diswashing-brushes, and those fit into my waterbottle, which I sometimes use for lemonade too. So I will get a load of these. (Funny, I learned a couple of years ago that brushes like these are a typically Dutch thing.)

Those clothespins are quite strong compared to those we found at other shops, so we really want some more for when we dry our laundry outside.

We already have four of those in green – we had six and both dropped one – and some more would be nice sometimes. The green ones are sold in sets of six bowls, six big plates and six small plates, and we do not need that much – these are sold in smaller amounts, and I think they will look cool with the green ones.

Then we also want two wooden herb-racks that I can paint blue myself, and some cider from the foodstore. I guess I will scare my mom in how full her car will be when we go home ;-)

2 thoughts on “Goodmorning!

    • Ja, ik uiteindelijk ook :) Ze hadden er fijne raamwissers, en ik had nog steeds alleen een hele vervelende… en toch ook nog maar wat borden erbij, want juist dat aubergine servies gaat eruit :P dus ik zeker ook.

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