Where’ve I gone?

I admit, I had too many blogs. Way too many. That is why I kind of pushed them all into one blog, eccentriclady.nl

As the extension might show, it is in Dutch. Although my English is good enough to blog, and to write essays in and stuff, it still costs me more energy to make nice, coherent blog posts in English than in my mother tongue. Especially now I read more American blogs (I am schooled in British English), I constantly have to think about how I write things, so that I do not mix up AE and BE all the time. That resulted in not getting my mind wrapped around posting here, which is not a good thing in the end.

I hope you will do me the pleasure of following me there. Those who are English speakers, I also hope Google Translate will do the trick. When it does not, I might consider translating my blog on a wordpress.com blog again, but I need to hear your input then. Meanwhile, I hope to see everyone on my blog!

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